Cyprus Game Day II:

Cyrpus Game Jam

Don’t miss the most exciting Game Jam of the summer 2017!

The topic is revealed: JAPAN. Please make a game dedicated to some part of Japan culture, mythology, anime, robots, Tokyo or whaterever!

Microsoft and Unity Technologies proudly invite you to a Cyprus Game Jam (9th of September 20:00 - 11th of September 20:00). You will have 48 hours to build a game and get a chance to win valueable prizes from Wargaming, Microsoft and Unity on Grand Final by jury choice.

​Cyprus Game Jam description

  1. Cyprus Game Jam starts at 8PM September, 9th​,​ and ends 8PM September, 11th​
  2. A game should comply to a specific topic, which to be announced on conference day, September 9th, at the very end
  3. Winners of Cyprus Game Jam Grand Final will be chosen by game experts from Wargaming and announced on September, 11th

Participation rules

Cyprus Game Jam projects should meet the following requirements:

  1. A game should be built with Unity engine and available to be launched and played by end users, desktop or mobile build available
  2. A game should be competitive - having multiplayer or not, it should have leaderboard and/or kind of "challenge" features to play with friends
  3. Game should utilize Azure Cloud services, at least having player features (player entity, social logins, etc) or multiplayer mode that uses any kind of Azure service underneath
  4. Game can be developed remotely at home or an office, but teams can use classroom in Cyprus University of Technology on Sunday, September 10th.

Grand Final: Nominations and Prizes

Best projects will be chosen by Game Jam Jury. To participate in this contest, you must:

  1. Be a registered game jam participant
  2. Your game must fulfill the game jam rules
  3. Must pitch your game in front of the judges on 11th of September 8PM
  4. Your pitch must be no longer than 5 minutes
  5. Have your game prepared and shared with Jury by email (details to be disclosed on opening ceremony)
  6. Winners get awarded from variety of prizes, like Xbox One S and up to 1500 EU in cash

Professionals from Wargaming Labs will judge your game qualities, your ability to present your team and idea!


We've prepared some learning documentation for you to become more familiar with technogolies:

  1. You can learn Unity and Multiplater basics from Unity Learn subsite
  2. Take a look at Microsoft Azure Cloud services on Azure Cloud resource center webpage
  3. Get code examples about making Multiplayer with Azure Cloud for Gaming with a technical article prepared by Ivan Fateev, Microsoft technical evangelist, specially for Game Jam participants

As promised, we do publish the slides link the Conference attendees have seen onsite:


  1. Azure gaming overview -

Documentation, SDKs and samples

  1. Using Cloud services for UWP games -
  2. Azure SDKs -
  3. Code samples to get started -


  1. Channel 9 videos for gaming -
  2. Next Games: Walking Dead No Man's Land "How We Built It" video -
  3. Delivering world-class game experiences using Microsoft Azure: Lessons learned from titles like Halo, Hitman, and Walking Dead -
  4. GDC game dev sessions:


  1. Setting up a highly-available Minecraft server using Containers on a Linux-based Service Fabric cluster -